There are times where you feel like your world had just crashed. Negativity is the only thing in your mind. You feel like there's no hope, no faith, no dreams. Nothing left. At times like this, you tend to have the urge to do crazy stupid stuff. Suicide? drugs?

But what do you gain after that? Try to have your own time, quiet time, and soak yourself with good words. POSITIVE words. It works better when you're facing the sea, or hills. Nature. I've tried. And i personally find it very relaxing, calming and peaceful. Yes, it works. really. But of course, it takes time for it to really work on you and stay in you permanently. If you're a Christian, read the Bible. Soak yourself with the words of God. It makes you feel better.

What we think will effect our lifestyle. So don't let negativity takes over you.


My mama taught me this (;

Simple rules to achieve your GOALS.

Be S.M.A.R.T

                                                                           S - Specific
        M - Measurable
      A - Attainable
                       R - Responsible, realistic
          T - Time-bound 

Wanna know how true it works? Try it. (:


In life, we have no choice but to face all the ups and downs. 

We feel demotivated
We feel down
We feel devastated
We feel lonely
We feel frustrated
We feel that life is meaningless

Most of the time we have to struggle in our lives. All of us have problems. Sometimes we try so hard. we've tried every possible ways and still couldn't reach for a solution. And there are times where we feel so lost that the best way is to give up life. Stop. Whenever you feel like you can't go on anymore or you feel like you need someone to pull you up, look for SkyQuote. It is a place where you can seek for advice, inspirations and motivations. You will learn to see things at many angles and learn to love yourself. 

I know some of you might be wondering if it is safe and all. Guys, i can assure you that it is positively safe. You won't be judged.  You won't be insulted. You won't be humiliated. You won't be looked down on. Because the owner of SkyQuote is not a judgmental person. (: SkyQuote's aim is to help people in this world. 

So, remember, you'll never be left alone. SkyQuote will always be there to help. 

Do follow and like. (:

The after-exam feelings.

Very often you can hear people screaming. laughing. The atmosphere filled with joy, happiness, freedom. I know the feeling. I've felt it for 8 years. Minus 3 years because i was simply too young and studying was never a burden or a problem to me. I doubt I ever freaked out during exam back then. This is the first time I don't feel happy although my finals is over. Put it this way, end of my college life. I don't need to read or study anymore after this. Not forever but until next year, maybe July. IKR. I have more than half a month to enjoy. But when u screwed up your exam especially finals, the mood of having fun just gone like that *snaps* It is alright when you're still in lower form, like form 1,2, 4 and all because you'll still be in the same school, its just that you'll be kicked down to lower classes. It different now. Once screwed up, there's no turning back. It is not possible for you to re-sit the exam. Without a good result, I won't be able to pursue my degree in nutrition & dietetics in IMU. What am i gonna do then? Ughhh. Chemistry and Math kills.

Feel like digging a hole and bury myself in it. pffttt. 


Sighs, you know, i've seen stupid childish dramas. i've been through some too. Oh well, we were immature that time. But at this age, come on! bang yourself into a wall and get over it. grow up alright! sheesh. It's very annoying when your bestie (or used to be) is acting like a total biatch. You jump from one friend to another friend like they're your toy. When you get bored of them, you decided to hunt for a new one. Okay fine, people change. But i didn't expect you to be like this. It's like i totally don't recognize who you are anymore. do you even know who you are? pffttt. Take some time, look at urself into the mirrror, stare at ur reflection and ask urself. jeeezzz.

Luckilyyyyyy, i have my girls. Tadaaaaaaa!!! (:

Thank God, you guys are still you guys. we're all in different places now. KDU.Inti.PFS. But im glad that the friendship is still there. And there is NO dramas and cat-fights between us. Gosh, can't tell how grateful I am to have them. 

I pray, no matter how where we are, you guys will never break apart. 

Die to be size 0

Here's something i would like to share. Anorexia. I'm sure all of you know what does it mean. But if you don't, just continue reading and you'll find out soon. Perhaps it isn't that common in Malaysia yet but it is very common in western area. Of course, if nothing is done, this problem will rise in Malaysia too. I know that many almost all the girls are dying to be thin. To achieve their goal, they would do anything, everything. 

That includes taking laxatives, dieting pills etc. These may help you to lose weight but remember, it also harms your body at the same time. You might not see or feel the effect now but overtime, you'll see them. True facts about laxatives: It does not help in losing weight. Laxatives hasten the elimination of undigested remains of food in the large intestine and colon. The large intestine and colon do not digest food. They collect the undigested remains and hold it and absorb water until it is defaecated. weight loss may be felt but it is only temporarily due to much of the fluids has been expelled from the body. Misuse of laxatives may cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. Prolonged use will also cause constipation. 

Some go through starvation in order to lose weight fast. There's a diet known as water diet where  a person only drinks water throughout the whole day. Excess intake of water causes electrolyte imbalance too. Here's a case. Terri Schiavo. She tried to keep her weight down by dieting, drinking only liquids - 10 - 15 glasses of iced tea. She was also a bulimic patient. Due to lack of oxygen, she was in coma for two and a half months. She was then diagnosed in a vegetative sate. 

Due to afraid of gaining weight, girls will constantly weigh themselves, making sure that they're only LOSING weight. Does the weight really matter? i mean, yea, you shouldn't eat till you're obese but at a healthy weight. Beauty isn't measure by the scale. Beauty isn't all about 40kg or 35 kg alright. You don't have to be super light to be pretty. 

Every girls' dream to have a small waist. boohoo. Small waist equals to sexy, pretty. no, it's not. you can also be hot at 28, 30. Look at some of the celebrities, they're not skinny. They're toned. Some of them are size 10 or maybe more but they still look gorgeous. 

Luisel Ramos

A 22 years old South America model. She had been on a three month diet of green leaves and diet coke after  being told that she could be an international sensation IF she lose weight. She suffered a heart attack after stepping off a runway. 

Ana Carolina Reston

A 21 years old Brazilian model. Weighted at 40 kg, measured 1.72cm. Suffered kidney malfunction due to anorexia nervosa and bilimia including diet consisting of only apples and tomatoes.

Model industry should really stop all these 'size zero' thingy. They should produce healthy, toned models. Not skinny bones models. Plus, the society should also stop judging girls by their size. Huge girls are often criticized. They will be called horrible names such as cow, hippo, Shrek and so on. Girls face the pressure to be thin by their boyfriends, girlfriends, people around them. You felt insecure, jealous, challenged because your best friend is thin, she wears xs. Your boyfriend keeps telling you how hot these girls (thin) are, and you are nothing like them. Do you think it is worth it to ruin yourself just to fit in? 

Do you think it is worth it to put yourself in a terrible state where you'll be insert with tubes, lying half dead on the hospital bed to be skinny? 

You are blessed with a wonderful life. There are many things out there in the world waiting for you to explore. Greater things are yet to come. There are people out there who wish to live but do not have a chance. So why do you waste yours? Love yourself.

We are beautiful and we don't have to be size zero to prove it. The beauty of a lady comes from the inside. 

Beauty is not a size or shape.
It is a charm.
It is being real.
It is being true to oneself. 

Brand's InnerShine OPC

As we know, we are constantly attacked by free radicals. I'm sure you've heard of this 'free radicals' word. But what do you really understand from that word? Well, scientifically, free radicals are unstable oxygen atoms. An atom contains a nucleus which is made up of protons and neutrons. You usually find pairs of electrons circling around the nucleus. If the electrons are in pairs, it is a stable atom. When one of the electrons gets pulled away from the oxygen atom, this is when the problem arises. This is how you get an unstable oxygen atom which is also known as a free radical. So, basically, free radicals are bad for your health. 

This causes serious damage to the normal cell. In short, your body is rusting. Free radicals causes oxidation in your body. Here are some of the diseases due to excess free radicals:

- Aging
- Various cancers
- Cataracts
- Coronary Heart disease

In a day, it is estimated that every single cell in your body gets attacked by a free radical about 10,000 times! And as we get older the number of free radicals increases. And do you know, exercising and bodybuilding can greatly increase free radicals. Yea, i know, some people thinks that exercising is suppose to keep them fit and by getting fit, your systems work better, your body can fight those free radicals. But you see, any process that produces stress and increases the intake of oxygen leads to an increase of free radicals. Other factors that cause increase in free radicals are intake of high sugar and fat food, direct sunlight, pollution etc.

Especially we, women, skin is very important to us. We often look for the best food, supplement or products to improve our skin - keeping it radiant and youthful looking. And here is the solution to your problems. 


OPC is known as Oligomeric proanthocyanidins which contains powerful antioxidants. It promotes anti-aging by neutralizing free radicals and prevents degradation collagen and elastin. 

Brand's Innershine OPC has all the antioxidant goodness that comes from 5 finest quality berries - Acai berry, blueberry, blackcurrent, Aronia and cranberry. Just so you know, berries are not only good for your skin but for your overall health too!

Brand's Innershine OPC is definitely your choice for a lasting beauty from inside-out.

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